SDN Engineer

SDN & NFV Engineering

Course Description

This certification attests and formally certifies that the successful candidate has vendor-neutral technical knowledge, skills, and abilities of the major domains of networking practices that support the theory and practice of Software Defined Networking (SDN). It presupposes deeper technical knowledge, skills, and abilities in computer networking practices, and will validate all the major aspects and domains of knowledge and practice in SDN networking environments. The certification will be considered mastery-level validation and certification examination for technical professionals in the domain of SDN networking.


    • How SDN solves network issues and implements use cases.
    • List the OpenFlow® Protocol message structures, features, and headers.
    • SDN architectural component design, API principals and SDN network design.
    • Various SDN migration strategies and deployment options and considerations.
    • To Demonstrate knowledge of how to configure and monitor and test an SDN Network.
    • How to Identify ways to secure SDN controllers and switches.
    • About SDN future projects and developments.


A deep technical knowledge from a practitioner standpoint of computer networking, with specific experience with SDN networking is required. While experiences and job responsibilities may vary, only those who have specific hands-on experience with SDN from a technical level should do this course.

How You Will Benefit

    • Contribute in development of next generation networks.
    • Increase profitability by reducing CAPEX and OPEX.
    • Better jobs prospects as the field is relatively new.
    • Choose the best solution for the future network.

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