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Latest equipments, updated labs and flexible scheduling to help you prepare.

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SolutionEdge offers rack rentals that support all of our instructor-led courses. SolutionEdge started rack rentals with a clear vision and goal to revolutionize the way any certification preparation is done by focusing on one main attributes that is Hands-On practice. SolutionEdge rack rentals come with simplified scheduling and advanced management control.

Why Rack Rentals?

Gain Hands-On experience on hardware. Make your certification preparation efforts more efficient and effective. One of the biggest problems with learning your skills on software programs such as “simulators” is that with simulators, things go pretty much as planned.
However that doesn’t always happen in the real world. With routers and switches or any other hardware, every once in a while you’re going to get an unexpected result from a command. By working with the real equipment, you develop the real skills and real confidence you need to pass the exams.

How do I start?

Get started quickly with initial, blank, or your own previously saved config by loading it . Your config is loaded immediately. No rebooting or erasing the current config is necessary giving you a quick jump start. Begin from scratch or pick up where you left off.

Sessions can be purchased as credits and scheduled as your time permits and as available on our schedule. Allow at least 24 hours notice for scheduling labs.

Why SolutionEdge?

If you have other requirements, such as hands on to equipment for any certification or if you need assistance mapping our equipment to your particular practice lab, we are more than happy to help.
You can be confident on our racks reliability and accessibility at all times. Our facility is climate controlled and equipped with backup for such reliability. We are dedicated in providing our users the best lab experience possible. We hope to provide you the tools you need to successfully prepare for the various Certifications.

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